Providing Quality Adult, Pediatric, Medical, Cosmetic, and Surgical Dermatology Care in Houston

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Our Mission

Our mission at Houston Dermatology Associates is to provide comprehensive dermatology care to patients of all ages. We are proud of our thorough exams, attention to detail, and personalized services delivered in a caring, professional environment. These unique qualities have earned us our well-respected reputation and highly esteemed status in the Texas Medical Center, local Houston and international medical community.


We offer a variety of medical procedures to ensure your skin is healthy and well cared-for;


  • Skin Conditions
  • Skin Cancer
  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Mole Analysis and Removal


At Houston Dermatology Associates we understand the desire to enhance your image. All cosmetic dermatology services are performed by our board-certified physicians who have vast experience and training in cosmetic dermatology and the associated safety protocols. Our physicians recognize the importance of staying up to date with evolving cosmetic research and improvements in products by attending regular training courses. 

Farah Shah, M.D.

Emily Mintz, M.D.

Zena Zoghbi, M.D.

Jennie Duffy, M.D.

Lana Rabinovich, M.D., PhD

Providing Quality Care

At Houston Dermatology Associates, our board-certified dermatologists are committed to providing quality medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology care to our patients. Located in the heart of the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, we have over 60 years of combined dermatology experience in caring for Houstonians, as well as national and international patients that come to us seeking the expertise of our highly-trained, board-certified dermatologists.

Building Lasting Relationships

At HDA we value the importance of a complete skin assessment, as well as open dialogue with our patients and attention to their unique needs. Time is not only spent using our expertise to diagnose skin conditions, but also educating patients and discussing preventative measures. At HDA we are proud of the long-lasting relationships we build with patients, generation after generation. We invite you to join our family by calling the number provided below!

Providing Quality Adult, Pediatric, Medical, Cosmetic, and Surgical Dermatology Care in Houston.