Cosmetic laser procedures can accomplish a variety of goals, including hair removal, reducing the appearance of pigmented lesions (sun spots), removing facial or leg veins, and overall skin rejuvenation.  At Houston Dermatology Associates, our board certified dermatologists have extensive experience and training on our state-of-the-art Cutera laser system, known in its efficacy and versatility in treating all skin types.  Their medical expertise allows them to ensure that the correct laser and appropriate settings are used according to your skin type.




One of the most popular uses of cosmetic lasers today is laser hair removal.  Unlike traditional methods of hair removal that are temporary, laser hair removal is permanent.  Laser hair removal reduces the quantity and thickness of the treated hair, leaving skin feeling and looking smoother compared to shaving or waxing.  Our state-of-the-art hair removal laser, Cutera Excel HR, combines 2 proven wavelengths, which allows our board certified dermatologists to select the ideal settings depending on hair thickness as well as skin type.

The number of treatments depends on a variety of factors including the thickness, density and color of the hair.  Typically most of our patients see a 20% reduction of hair every session.  Popular areas treated include the underarm, face, bikini area and legs.  Treatments are conducted every four to six weeks.  Additionally, the Excel HR utilizes the sapphire contact cooling to allow for maximum comfort and protection of the superficial layer of the skin. The Excel HR laser has redefined modern laser hair removal.


Laser removal of pigmented lesions can include removal of freckles, birthmarks, or brown spots caused by aging, excessive sun exposure, or hormones.  Pigmented lesions can occur anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the face, neck, and back of the hands.  Photoaging, which frequently is a combination of brown spots and redness, is also very common. 

Our Cutera laser system targets specific cells to reduce the amount of melanin, thus correcting the appearance of these lesions, and its sapphire cooling crystal allows for maximum comfort.  Usually, the pigmented area will darken temporarily after the treatment and then flake off, revealing lighter skin beneath.  Typically 2-4 treatments will permanently remove or reduce the contrast of the lesion to normal skin tone.


Cutera’s Laser Genesis system delivers micro-pulses that allow for collagen remodeling, thus improving the appearance of fine lines, pore size and redness, with zero downtime!  This is the perfect option for on-the-go, busy individuals interested in improving their complexion. Optimal results are seen after a series of 3-4 treatments, although most patients will notice more vibrant looking skin after each treatment.


Unsightly veins are commonly found on legs and the facial area, especially the nose.  Although these are the most highly treated areas, we can also treat veins in most other areas such as the chest, back and décolleté.  These veins, commonly known as spider veins, can originate from chronic sun exposure, pressure from body weight, genetics, or other factors.  Our award-winning Excel V laser is a solid-state laser system that incorporates two proven wavelengths to address both superficial as well as deep vessels of the face and legs, as well as diffuse redness and rosacea.


All images courtesy of Cutera®.